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Visiting Monterchi

Situated on a hill surrounded by fields of sunflowers, Monterchi has an interesting old town centre and a countryside that is worth exploring.

5 things to do and see in Monterchi

1. Madonna del Parto

The Madonna del Parto (Madonna of Parturition) is a famous fresco by Piero della Francesca, who painted it in honour of his mother, a native of Monterchi. The beauty of the work is enhanced by the surrounding environment: a room in the museum dedicated to the painting where it is sometimes possible to admire it in peaceful solitude.

Museum of the Madonna del Parto in Monterchi
Museum of the Madonna del Parto

2. The Museum of Weights and Balances

This museum in Monterchi is one of the most important collections of weights and balances in Europe. The rooms of the museum present almost 600 years of the history of scales and balances, looking at not just these tools but also the ancient trades associated with them, including the exciseman and the moneylender.

The Museum of Weights and Scales in Monterchi Tuscany
The Museum of Weights and Scales

3. Have a good dish of polenta

The fields of sunflowers and cornfields around Monterchi are indicative of the importance of farming in this territory and polenta is, in fact, the traditional dish. This is why every year in September Monterchi organises a feast dedicated to this delicious, unparalleled dish offered in various versions: with sauce, roasted meat, pancetta, and mushrooms. For those who are not big fans of polenta, the feast offers other traditional dishes including sausages, roast pieces of pig’s liver and fried mushrooms.

4. Enjoy a glass of wine in the square

Seated at a table beneath the trees that surround the square of Monterchi, with a glass of Tuscan wine and a dish of charcuterie and typical cheeses.

A glass of Tuscan wine and typical cheeses In Monterchi
A glass of Tuscan wine and typical cheeses

5. Explore the churches in the area surrounding Monterchi

The area surrounding Monterchi has numerous ancient churches in the open countryside. It is worthwhile spending the day exploring them, immersed in nature and the peaceful Tuscan countryside. Worth visiting are San Michele Arcangelo in Padonchia, San Appollinare in Villa del Poggio, San Michele Arcangelo in Pianezze, and Santa Maria in Scandolaia.

Why it is one of the places to visit in Italy

Because gazing upon hills and sunflowers is good for the eyes and heart.

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