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The flavors of the land

The character of this area between Tuscany and Umbria, being a border land, is well represented by its cuisine in which flavours mix. Its traditional dishes are based on typical local products and the wisdom of its farmers, who were used to creating tasty meals from what was available.

The woods offer wild asparagus, chestnuts and mushrooms, including royal agaric and porcini mushroom and sloes.


wild asparagus and mushrooms in Preggio
wild asparagus and mushrooms. Courtesy image by the Facebook group “Amici di Preggio”.

The truffle, especially the trifola, is common to the entire area between Tuscany and Umbria.

white truffles Umbria
White truffles

There are varied and abundant types of meat, including wild game and delicious Chianina beef. Traditionally, Umbrian deli meats are excellent, led by Mazzafegato, a pork liver sausage and Slow Food Presidium.
The extra-virgin olive oil, normally produced in the hills, comes from the frantoio, muraiolo and a small quantity of leccino olive varieties that give the product the fruity flavour of fresh olives.


A basket full of fresh harvested olives Umbria Italy
A basket full of fresh harvested olives

Among the wines, a special mention must be given to the smoked vin santo of Umbria, a sweet wine, it too a Slow Food Presidium.

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