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Between Piero della Francesca and St. Francis of Assisi

A medieval layout but with many Renaissance features, Sansepolcro is a clean, well-ordered town with an old town centre that is always full of people and fully and proudly enjoys its beautiful area.

That we’re in Tuscany is recognized by the stone, which is slightly pinker than the whiter villages of Umbria, by the residents, who are a bit more elegant than the Umbrians and, especially, at the table where Chianina beef is king.

5 things to do and see in Sansepolcro

1. The works of Piero della Francesca

Painter and mathematician par excellence, was undoubtedly one of the greatest representatives of the Tuscan Renaissance. He was born and died in Sansepolcro and the Civic Museum houses four of his masterpieces.


2. Aboca Museum

The Museum offers an interesting exhibit on the use of herbs over the centuries. Among ancient botany texts, ceramics, mortars and natural aromas, you’ll discover and find yourself fascinated by the world of herbs.

3. A stroll along the Corso

Among medieval and Renaissance palazzi and churches, you will experience the liveliest town of the Upper Tiber Valley of Umbria and Tuscany.

Because here, the Corso is the quintessential meeting place: young people and families flock here in the evening and on weekends to meet, chat or shop in the many stores.

4. Tuscan food

I highly recommend trying at least one of the many restaurants in Sansepolcro to sample the many delights including “ribollita” (a soup), tagliatelle noodles with Chianina meat sauce, and “tagliata” sliced steak.

5. Convent of Montecasale

The Upper Tiber Valley of Tuscany and Umbria testifies to the passing of St. Francis of Assisi, and the Hermitage of Montecasale, near Sansepolcro, not only hosted the saint but was also the site of one of his most famous miracles: the conversion of the three thieves.

Experience a mystical moment of silence.

The Hermitage of Montecasale St. Francis of Assisi
The Hermitage of Montecasale

Why it’s one of the places to visit in Italy

Because Sansepolcro is a precious jewel that knows how to show itself off with great generosity.

The town’s most important work of art and priceless masterpiece, The Resurrection by Piero della Francesca, can be seen at no charge by residents and tourists: the Sala dei Conservatori of the Civic Museum overlooks the square through an ancient gate that is left open so that everyone can admire the splendid work of art.

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