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Digital Invasions in Umbertide and Montone

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The purpose of the Invasioni Digitali (Digital Invasions) project is to allow visitors to interact actively with museum displays to make the experience participatory and facilitate the promotion and sharing of cultural heritage on social media.

The Terre & Musei dell’Umbria circuit, which participates in Invasioni Digitali, is proposing a themed guided visit and free admission to the museums of Umbertide and Montone on Monday, April 25th.

Visits to the Museums in Montone and Umbertide will focus on emotions.
The “invaders” will be involved in an emotional journey to discover the details found in the works of art and will be able to take selfies and photos to share on social networks.

Montone, Complex of the Museum of St. Francis.

Amidst joy and pain in search of the pleasures of art.

Monday, April 25th at 11:00 A.M.

Digital invasions in Montone Umbria
Digital invasions in Montone

Emotional itinerary that uses music, tones and sounds to guide “invaders” towards a sense of harmony with the works of art.

The official hashtag for the invasion on the Terre & Musei dell’Umbria circuit is: #EmozionidArte.
The official hashtag for the invasion on the Museum of St. Francis in Montone is: #Piacere

Information and reservations at: ph. +39 075 9306535, e-mail:


Umbertide, Museum of Santa Croce

Signorelli and the strength of emotions

Monday, April 25th at 5:00 P.M.

Digital Invasions in Umbertide Umbria
Digital Invasions in Umbertide

Luca Signorelli’s Deposition from the Cross will arouse the emotions of “invaders”, which will be immortalised with gestures and colours.

The official hashtag for the invasion on the Terre & Musei dell’Umbria circuit is: #EmozionidArte.
The official hashtag for the invasion on the Museum of Santa Croce in Umbertide is: #Ispirazione

Information and reservations at: ph. +39 075 9420147, e-mail:


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