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  • Salami and dried sausages in Umbria

    Pork butchering and processing in Umbria

    Pork is of primary importance in Umbrian cooking, and it is still very common in the month of January for most families to slaughter and butcher their own pig, which they have reserved with their trusted pig farmer. This is normal for me since I am Umbrian, but it’s not for a Swedish man who […]

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  • Olives in Umbria

    Extra-virgin Olive Oil

    Every Umbrian has had at least one discussion about olive oil when October comes. It’s a very serious, unavoidable matter because decisions made about olive oil will affect what you eat for the entire year. Umbrians fall into three distinct categories: those who have olive trees and make their own olive oil, those who have friends […]

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  • Wild berry at the Woodland fair in Montone Umbria

    The Woodland Fair in Montone

    What does Umbria smell like in the fall?   Porcini Mushrooms Roasted Chestnuts Honey New Oil and Novello wine Kaki fruit Cheese I could go on with the list, or simply invite you to visit the Woodland Festival held in Montone every year on the first weekend of November. Of course, you don’t need a country […]

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